10 May, 2014

Introducing Megs

It is only 4 months since she moved in,


took over my home

and my heart.

While she may look very similar to Zebby Cat however this 4 year old girl is a whole different story to the 18 year old laid-back, cool old dude of a Mancat that was Zeb.

Megs comes with mega-mischief, fun, cheekiness, abundant energy, and a whole lot of love. Like Zeb, Megs-Megs is a sweet heart.

Zeb was afraid of other cats - Megs just doesn't like them, not any of them anyhow or anyway!   And Meggles is very vocal, very loudly vocal.

Today is Megs' 4 month Gotcha Day anniversary and I love her dearly. Being a cat she has cleared off to bed.

More from us soon, Megs and Her new human, Her Mickle xxx

26 November, 2013

Just like Zebby Cat used to .....

.... with his "clawed paw of ownership" and
"wake-up whallop" of determined love ....

I know that Little Megs is an affectionate wee puss.
Here's hoping she delivers a more gentle wake up!

06 November, 2013

Where was I ...........

 Yes, 19 months later and I'm still here! 

Both Zebby Cat and His human each had multiple health problems to deal with so Michelle/Mickle has been otherwise preoccupied for a while. Okay - quite a long while.

Zebby's kidney problems and hyperthyroidism  got steadily worse over the months. His appetite was still hardy (c'mon - Zeb refuse food?) however his weight went down and down and down.

Then pretty much overnight his hind legs could no longer support him.  My darling stubborn, sometimes grumpy, frequently smoochy, purry and loving 

Zebby Cat was helped to The Bridge on Tuesday, 25 August 2013. 

I give my enormous thanks to Pet Doctors in Kelburn, Wellington, especially nurse Kelsey and vets Rochelle and Brendan. Zeb's ashes are sitting here on the table and will be scattered under the citrus trees in my Folks' garden during the Christmas break.

In the meantime .............

My Crohn's disease had flared up again so my wonderful gastroenterologist, Ian Wilson, suggested  that I consider Humira. After second and third thoughts I worked through the various tests I needed to have to qualify for it.  And, as it was due, in August 2012 had a routine mammogram.

Long story short - a small area in my right breast looked different when compared with the previous mammogram. Turned out to be an invasive stage II ductal cell carcinoma that appeared to be 8mm across (even from an MRI scan) . My immediate reaction was "Bugger, this will stuff up going onto Humira!".

After lumpectomy surgery, to the suprise and shock of all - especially the medics, the tumour turned out to be 7cm wide. So second surgery - this time a simple mastectomy followed by 6 months of chemotherapy and 5 weeks of 5 days a week radiotherapy.

Hey - all things considered I'm doing okay.

I had to postpone  my radiotherapy treatment on the day Zebby had his final visit to his vets. The next day when I went in one of the radio therapists. Jenni, checked on how I was. Long story short again ........ her little cat, a four year old tabby girl named Megs, is coming to live with me in January. When Jenni and her partner first got Megs they lived in town  however they moved and now have quite a commute to and  from work so Megs gets lonely (she loves cuddling up to folks).

And now -  back to blogging at last and sense of humour very much in tact,

here I am

Soon it will be Christmas which I will spend with my dear Mum and Dad, and then the New Year will bring little Megs and lots of fun. Hmmm, it will be quite an adjustment going from 18 year old (age guesstimated) large Mancat Zebby to young Little Megs!

In the meantime here are pics of a beautiful Jacaranda Tree that is near my parents home. It should be flowering like this over Xmas.

 From a rainy* Wellington, I send huggles,

Michelle/ Mickle 

(*hooray - it will fill up the birdies bath for me!)


03 May, 2012

Update for Zebby Cat

Displaying the Clawed Paw of Ownership, Zeb shows us His latest scratchy board (that he doesn't scratch because he loves it being His so much!) and then .....
Zebby Cat snuggles down on His favourite bath mat, with His cat nip plant fully under His control - all the better for Zeb to enjoy a happy snoozle!

(Postscript on May the 4th - I hope to be able to revive 3 foundlings from Zebby's happy cat summer of "Nip" delight.)

01 May, 2012

Canadian Invasion

Two weeks ago I answered the phone - it was just after 5.00pm.A lovely, friendly and familiar voice from Canada spoke, and told me that herself and The Man arrive here in NZ on May the 1st - TODAY!It was my dear friend Aims from bigbluebarnwest.blogspot.com letting me know that she was escaping from the Alberta Snow (yes, they were still getting snow in mid April) and coming here for most of May. Mickle was truely a "stunned mullet".

Explanation - the Mickle and Aims have spoken over telephone and interwebby devices at length so we now know each others voices but to meet!!!!!!

 On this, my first attempt with bloggers latest recreation, I am struggling. I haven't fathomed the new linking method (why change something that worked????) Zebby Cat has headed off to His bed and I am thinking thoughts of Wordpress ..........

Zeb might claim it as his bed but  it was mine (a present from my dear sister) first, Of course this means nothing to a Cat!

Meanwhile those Canadians will arrive here in under 3 hours - arriving up in Auckland. Fingers crossed that the weather forecast is right so they will get sunshine (Aims and The Man - put on sunblock!! Yes, ears too!!!!)

08 March, 2012

We didn't get Summer ......

New Zealand

44% DONE.
Installation failed. 404 error: Season not found.
Please try again next year.

A Summer would have been nice. I gave up on growing my usual summer veg as all attempts did incredibly poorly.

The exception: the nadine potatoes that sprouted madly before I got to cook them. I planted them out in December and seem to have had results - the tops flourished and have yellowed so I chopped them off a few days ago. I will harvest any spuds lurking under the soil next week ...... and keep you posted on the results.